Women Want to Be Loyal to Your Brand

Women Want to Be Loyal to Your Brand

Women are more loyal customers than men when it comes to long-term relationships that involve regular contact, like her financial advisor, hair stylist or mechanic. (Perhaps some find this unsurprising, given the stereotypes about “commitment,” but I’m not trying to take a jab at men here… really…)

A woman looks for “advisors” that can bring a high level of expertise to a situation and give her new perspectives. Women become increasingly comfortable relying on the advisor’s recommendations without nearly as much due diligence she showed during her initial search.

Once she gets experience with the advisor’s competency and develops confidence that her or she is truly acting in her best interests and not just trying to sell more product, she becomes more open than a male customer to the advisor’s advice and recommendations.

Whereas men resist being influenced by others, seeing it as compromising their autonomy and framing them as having lower authority, women actually seek out advice and welcome the opportunity to learn from someone with greater expertise.

For women, this streamlines the decision process for subsequent purchases; she trusts the person she has selected as advisor and realizes that the advisor knows more than she does. This relieves her of the need to do all the research herself-she’s got fewer hoops to jump through and fewer loops to recycle on her Spiral Buying Path.

In fact, the same holds true for trusted brands. Even if the relationship is not with another person but with a brand, women will continue to use that brand if they’ve had a satisfactory first experience, because they’ve already done the due diligence to find the Perfect Answer. Finding the right brand to meet her needs means she won’t have to search again, and this is a key part of keeping her loyalty.

Women want to be loyal to your brand-they consider the buying process an investment in the Perfect Answer to their needs and don’t relish starting the process afresh. Keep a woman’s trust, and your brand will have a loyal customer-perhaps for life. Lose that trust, and she’ll move on to a competitor, probably never giving your brand another chance again.

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