Who Do You Want as Your Customer?

There’s a funny diagram that used to circulate around the Internet. It’s funny because it’s true! Here’s the gist: When presented with a simple mission—go to the Gap, and buy a pair of pants—men take 6 minutes and spend $33. Women browse for 3.5 hours and spend $876. Here’s the graphic showing a woman’s circuitous path:

 Go to the Gap Graphic

View Larger “Mission: Go to Gap, Buy a Pair of Pants” image

This diagram illustrates three of my GenderTrends principles:

1.     Women will determinedly go the extra mile to find the Perfect Answer.

2.     On the way, women will take advantage of opportunities to get a few additional purchases and errands taken care of—a new lamp for the guest room, socks for her husband, a new winter coat for next fall that’s 40% less expensive if bought on sale today.

3.     On occasion, women buy for their tribe as well as themselves—“My sister’s been looking for a pair of cobalt boots for years!”

Let me ask you, marketing and branding professionals, $876 or $33? Who would you rather have as your customer?

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