Want to Understand Boomer Women? Follow the Yellow Brick Road!

Lately, I’ve been delving into the psyche of the Boomer woman as she transitions through midlife– and how her motivations and perspective should impact your marketing plan. It occurs to me that Dorothy’s journey in The Wizard of Oz is an incredibly apt metaphor for marketing professionals to easily understand Boomer women’s midlife transition.

The 40s for today’s Boomer women are like the dark, foreboding world at the beginning of the movie. There she is in Kansas, minding her own business, and suddenly she’s caught up and tossed around in this powerful tornado. It’s violent and frightening, and she has no idea what the future will bring. Just watch and see!

Dorothy in the tornado

Click to play – Wizard of Oz tornado scene

Dorothy in her snazzy ruby slippers

Boomer women’s 50s are like landing on the Wicked Witch. She steps out the door, and all of that dark commotion and turmoil has been transformed into a bright and colorful world. It’s a little strange, with the munchkins and all, but it’s a lovely place. The natives seem surprisingly cheerful-and, oh! Look at those cute ruby slippers. Gotta have ‘em!

Dorothy, making friends on the way to Emerald City

And then Boomer women age into their 60s, when she sets off on a new adventure, following a yellow brick road of infinite possibility, gathering friends along the way. Sure, there are the occasional flying monkeys and worries about the brain, heart and courage, but with friends, determined optimism, and a little dog, too, life is pretty darn good-a lot better than you would have expected in the aftermath of that wicked twister.

The analogy between Boomer women’s transitions through midlife and The Wizard of Oz might have seemed far-fetched at first, but it certainly makes sense, doesn’t it? And I bet you’ll find it easy to remember from now on!

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