This Earth Day, Boomer Women Save the Planet

Boomer Women save the Planet

Earth Day was first celebrated in 1970, when Boomer women were quite young and developing an environmental consciousness. Like many of their political and social attitudes, their concern for the environment is still with them more than 40 years later.

Boomer women are a decidedly green bunch who are significantly more attuned to “saving the planet” than are younger women. They more readily buy from businesses that are environmentally conscious, more apt to recycle as much as they possibly can, and are more willing to conserve energy even if it means a lower standard of living.

Compare how Boomer women and younger women respond to these environmental conservation statements:

Going Green


Boomer Women

Younger Women

I make a special effort to conserve energy.



I make a strong effort to recycle everything I can.



I make a special effort to buy from businesses that are environmentally conscious.



I would be willing to accept a lower standard of living to conserve energy.



I donated money to environmental or conservation organizations.



One more thing that marketing professionals should know: Boomer women are particularly sensitive to corporate behavior. They will go out of their way to buy from companies that are environmentally conscious. It’s fair to say that this favoritism also extends to corporations that are socially responsible in other areas.

Unfortunately, Boomer women, like the vast majority of all Americans have an unsettled feeling, to put it mildly, about corporate America. 83% of Boomer women and 86% of younger women feel that “most big companies are just out for themselves.” The moral? Behave yourself! Being a good corporate citizen is critical to winning over Boomer women, as well as women and men of all generations.

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