The Gifts of Midlife Offer Marketing to Boomer Women Opportunities

The Freedom of Boomer Women

AARP’s research effort “Understanding Women 45+” (PDF) found that 65% of Boomer women are “happier now than they have ever been.” One woman was quoted as saying, “To me, life right now just seems so wonderful.”

How can this be? What’s so great about being older?

To start with, Boomer women enjoy three freedoms as they grow older:

1.     Freedom from family chores

2.     Freedom from social conventions

3.     Freedom to get real

Freedom from family chores

It should be no surprise that as a woman reached midlife, her family is growing up and becoming independent. And Boomer women start to find themselves with time and resources. Mary, 62, sums it up quite nicely:

“I have more time and money to indulge my priorities”

Statements like Mary’s should make marketing professionals’ ears perk up. When your brand is a priority for Boomer women, marketing to these women just got easier.

Freedom from social conventions

With age comes perspective on life, and Boomer women come to accept themselves as they really are and become more comfortable behaving the way they really want to. Marketing to these Boomer Women gives brands a certain degree of their own freedom to shed stuffy propriety and unrealistic imagery.

Freedom to get real

One characteristic of midlife for Boomer women is the drive for greater authenticity. You don’t “decide” to be more authentic, any more than you “decide” to be hungry. It evolves in the individual, like the drive to learn to express yourself.

When marketing to Boomer women, brands must recognize the different connotations “get real” has for young adults vs. women in midlife. Young adults are breaking out of the safety net of childhood while Boomer women are embracing their lifetime of experience. Lynn, 50, is a great example:

“I don’t doubt myself. Go with my intuition. Know that inner person. It takes a long time to know who you are. Because we have experienced ourselves for 50-off years.”

Today, I’ve just introduced these three freedoms Boomer women enjoy as they grow into midlife. In future posts, I’ll go into each a little deeper, with more marketing advice and more research behind each point.

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