The Evolution of Your Marketing to Women Endeavors

Marketing to Women isn’t Over Once You Launch-Listen and Adjust

Evolution of Marketing to Women

The Japanese term kaizen means “continuous improvement.” Just as with any unfamiliar new endeavor, don’t expect to get marketing to women perfect on the first try. No matter how much prelaunch research you do, the consumer will always teach you something when you least expect it (Remember New Coke? How about Motrin’s infamous “baby wearing” campaign?) Your research results are essential to kaizen. Without feedback, you can’t know what to flaunt and what to fix (although women will let you know in a big way if you do something patently offensive like Motrin launched-try to avoid that!).

Successful marketing to women requires gender-savvy tactics aimed at the five stages in the consumer-planning process:

1.     Activation

2.     Nomination

3.     Investigation and Decision

4.     Retention

5.     Recommendation

For women, this process is a Spiral Path.

Women's Spiral Path

See larger version of the Spiral Path

Without concrete marketing strategies for each stage, the female market will either remain ignored or slip through your grasp. Don’t let it get away. With a strong product or service enhanced by gender-savvy communications that are constantly tweaked based on your feedback research, you will ensure that the women’s market is knocking on your door instead of on your competitor’s.

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