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Happily, Sometimes We Find Marketing to Women Excellence

Curious marketers occasionally ask me if women can’t take a joke, because they consider humor a dicey business when marketing to women.

That’s ludicrous. Of course women have a sense of humor. But it’s a different sense than men have.

To learn how to use humor that engages women’s interest and makes them feel good about your brand, consider the new empathetically humorous approach from Weight Watchers. Here is a recent execution of its “If You’re Happy” marketing campaign.

This ad works for women because it recognizes that women have a peer group mentality– “Let’s focus on what we have in common because we’re all in this together.” Instead of poking fun at other people, women find “That’s Me!” moments to be very funny. And what’s more universal in the modern human experience than eating our emotions?

Weight Watchers has done a fantastic job encouraging women to think, “Wow, Weight Watchers really gets me!” And when a woman feels that way about a brand, she’s ready to reward it with repeat purchases and rave reviews.