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Are Women Better Problem-Solvers than Men?

Are women better problem solvers than men?So asks Danny Schuman in his new article, featuring some of my marketing to women insights. Danny is interested in how people solve problems, and he has done some fascinating research in his book The Joy of Solving.

It turns out that people have five “distinct and differentiated methods of problem solving.” Read this Fast Company article for a summary of all five. And, of course, women often take the Blissfully Ignorant Path!

Danny has a beautiful way of describing women’s Spiral Buying Path, and defending the benefits of being open to changing one’s mind:

When people tell me their stories of successful problem solving, time and again they talk about how they thought they were headed toward one answer, when they’d somehow swerve off course and wind up somewhere completely different.

People who follow a straight direct path without veering from it might look at that kind of thinking as indecisive. I see it as flexible.

The spiral path that Marti describes celebrates the Joy of Flexibility, the Joy of Openness and Receptivity, the Joy of Belief that there may be something better out there that you haven’t found yet.

Here are a couple marketing to women videos to give further insight into women’s flexibility and their decision-making.

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