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Marketing to Boomer Women is ‘Sage’

Marketing to Boomer Women is SageMy friend Michal Clements and her fellow alumni rescued their Penn alumni group for Boomers from the name “The Old Guard,” replacing it with the much more complimentary and descriptive “Penn Sages.” As she cleverly put it, “Calling them ‘old’ is not a marketing strategy.”

Marketing to Boomer Women is Sage

In her new article, “Does Your Brand Tap into the Power of Sages?,” Michal explores what her group has learned about marketing to Boomers– that they have more time and money than their younger counterparts. Also, that Boomers are interested in:

“Cultural events such as academic lectures from a wide variety of disciplines, including breakthrough cancer research, literature and architecture.  Sages also enjoy a nice brunch served up with the chance to connect and engage with like-minded individuals who share an organizational affiliation”

And she very kindly quotes my observations in Marketing to Boomer Women: A Radical Generation, a Radical Opportunity. For more on marketing to Boomer women, watch this short video from my speech to marketers in Denmark.

Watch the video: Marketing to Boomer Women