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OXO Broadens its Appeal through Marketing to Boomer Women

Boomer women are more demanding. Please them, and you appeal to many market segments.


Women in general—and Boomer women in particular—are more discerning and demanding customers than men. Boomer women bring their wealth of experience (as well as the wealth of their purse!) to every buying experience. And they expect to find the “perfect answer,” not just a brand that will “do.”

I always tell my audiences that by marketing to women and designing products that make women happy, brands will go above and beyond their male customers’ expectations. Here’s a great example of a brand doing just that—designing for Boomer women and appealing to younger women and men of all ages alike.

One of today’s most successful housewares companies came about due to one man’s desire to address his wife’s difficulties with holding ordinary kitchen utensils because of arthritis. Sam Farber put together a group of researchers that included a noted gerontologist and developed a line of 15 products using “universal design,” defined as:

“The design of products usable by as many people as possible. It is important to note that Universal Design does not mean designing products fully usable by everybody, since there is no product that can truly fulfill the needs of all users. But when all users’ needs are taken into consideration in the initial design process, the result is a product that can be used by the broadest spectrum of users. In the case of OXO, it means designing products for young and old, male and female, left- and right-handed and many with special needs.”

The line, now known as OXO, has grown to include more than 850 items, including utensils with broad, cushy handles and angled measuring cups that can be read from the top. OXO has won international design awards and has devotees across every age group. Although originally designed for older consumers, the design and functionality makes their products appealing to many market segments.