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The Marketing to Women Lag

In 1995, Grey Advertising published a story that explores women’s aspirations. This study is certainly old enough to have informed any company’s marketing to women efforts. Let’s compare what Grey Advertising found to some modern marketing samples, shall we?

The study found women aspired to:

  • Make the world a better place 85%
  • See kids become really successful 83%
  • Have enough time to do what I want 82%
  • Be more attractive 53%
  • Be younger 27%
  • Be famous 7%
  • Live like a movie star 5%

Look at this list carefully and think about whether the majority of women-targeted ads you see actually reflect women’s true values. Here’s a sampling of some recent advertising and copy:

Glamor copy from Mac

Bing advertises to women

Tom's marketing to women

Do you want to be a material girl?

Seems like most companies are lagging behind the research, eh? In the spirit of fairness, here are two ads that really seem to address women’s aspirations:

Gerber knows how to market to women.

Pepsi shows some good marketing to women.