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A Booming Market: Health and Exercise Brands Should Be Marketing to Boomer Women

A Booming Market: Health and Exercise Brands Should Be Marketing to Boomer Women

For health and exercise brands, Boomer women represent a booming market. If you haven’t already included Boomer women as a key part of your marketing strategies, read on.

Two-thirds of all Boomers exercise, according to research by Lori Bitter and JWT Mature Market Group—leaders in addressing marketing opportunities in the 45+ arena. Those over 40 also represent more than half of health club members in the United States. Boomers are the fastest growing segment of health club members, and Boomer women are leading the charge. They are more active than both midlife men and younger women who exercise regularly:

Do You Exercise Regularly?

34% Women 25-34
36% Women 35-49
33% Men 50-59
39% Women 50-69

A Booming Market: Health and Exercise Brands Should Be Marketing to Boomer Women The comments from research completed for my book, Marketing to PrimeTime Women, make it clear that Boomer women consider exercise both important an enjoyable:

“I do the same things I did before. I walk. I ski. I go rollerblading.” – Ellen, 55

“I walk and do tai chi. If I don’t do those every week, I feel something is missing.” – Gretchen, 67

“I either go to the Y or run 5-6 days a week at 5AM. I began training for and running marathons 2 years ago. I have run 3 marathons and 2 half-marathons.” – Melody, 50

Health clubs, spas, personal trainers, masseuses, clothing manufactures, yoga mat-makers, marketers of sweatbands, home exercise equipment, protein bars, energy drinks, bottled water, MP3 players, walking shoes, bicycles, volleyballs—all of these products and services will enjoy a booming market, thanks to Boomer women.

Thirty years ago, Boomer women bonded with Jane Fonda and tried to “feel the burn.” Now, they’ve discovered exercise doesn’t have to be painful. It can be social and fun, offering an opportunity to connect with friends in a way that doesn’t depend upon food (calorie-wise, lunch can be a very expensive chit-chat).

One company, the women’s-only Curves International has addressed all these issues and in so doing has become the largest chain of fitness centers for women in the world, and was the fastest growing franchise of any kind, ever. Their strategy: Focus on Boomer women and make exercise easy, quick, supportive and social.

As Boomer women look for good ways to make use of their newly freed time, they intensify their search for ways to blend physical activity and sociability. This represents a huge opportunity for health and exercise brands who choose to reach out to, understand and begin marketing to Boomer women.