Milestone Marketing to Boomer Women

Milestone Marketing to Boomer Women

Milestone marketing is the practice of focusing on major changes in customers’ lives and developing strategies to help them during the transition. Boomer women will be transitioning through many milestones in the next few years, and marketing to them at each stage can be very rewarding for relevant brands.

All milestones have two qualities in common:

1.     The incremental tasks and logistics are almost always handled by the woman.

2.     There is usually a substantial emotional component.

Chances are that Boomer women are more skillful than younger women at handling both the logistics and the emotions because they have more experience and are equipped with greater equanimity.

Boomer women have very specific milestones to their stage of life. There are the difficult ones: the 3 D’s – Divorce, Death and Diagnosis of disease. And the more positive but still challenging transitions to a new job, new home, new husband, daughter’s wedding, first grandchild and so forth.

Milestones are the markers at the beginning of a new phase, characterized by high demands on time, money and transitional skills. By their very nature, milestones create new and urgent spending needs. Therefore, marketing professionals should anticipate these needs and be where Boomer women will be looking for information to guide them through these transitions.

Milestone marketing can be a very effective targeting strategy. Those marketing to Boomer women at a time when they are particularly likely to be looking for help might consider focusing their product, services and marketing communications on one or more Boomer milestones. The media vehicles are easy to find because each milestone has its own vehicle. And you have the advantage of knowing what her most pressing problem is at that moment, so you know how to help right then and there.

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