Marketing to Which Women? Customizing Your Marketing for Boomer Women

Marketing to Which Women? Customizing Your Marketing for Boomer Women

The term “Marketing to women” is misleading. There are many different segments of women (possibly as many as there are women!), and brands need to identify which segments they want to focus their marketing communications on and understand how to reach those audiences. It’s Marketing 101, really, but it bears repeating.

Boomer women represent one way to segment when marketing to women, and you could identify many niches within this one market, I am sure. Over the next few articles, I’ll discuss how, from a marketing perspective, Boomer women are different from younger generations.

She Knows What She Likes

As we age, we come to rely more on our emotions or “gut feel” to speed the decision-making process. Research has indicated that older adults pay attention to and seek out emotionally relevant information more than younger people do, and they are especially in tune with positive feelings rather than negative ones.

Therefore, don’t focus on the product features, the functionality, the price value or other technical information. Marketing professionals should concentrate their messaging on how it will make Boomer women feel when they use it, what the experience will be like, how it will allow them to connect with others and so on.

I’m not talking about every moment having to be a Kodak moment-sappy and superficial. Boomer women know what they like (and what they don’t like) and are more attuned to products and messages that deliver on that. The old saying, “I don’t know much about art, but I know what I like,” is the Boomer women philosophy in a nutshell.

Your challenge? Figuring our what your Boomer women customers like and delivering on it.

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