Marketing to Boomer Women: Let Freedom Ring

Let Freedom Ring

Independence Day is a fitting holiday to celebrate marketing to Boomer women. Boomer women are the most independent women of any generation in history-and they love their freedom. They’ve lived through the 60s and fought for their rights, and now they are enjoying the most fulfilling time in their lives.

Marketing professionals take notice: Boomer women handle 80-85% of the spending decisions for households in the peak years of their income, wealth and spending power. And they want to buy brands that recognize their freedom and enable them with independence.

Monika, in our Girlfriends Group, summed up Boomer women sentiment:

“I’m at a point now where I’m in control of doing what I want to do. It seems like there is a freeing moment at 50.”

In fact, 81% of Boomer women describe their ideal selves as independent. Only 72% of younger women claim that description.

Independence for the Boomer woman doesn’t mean isolation, however. You won’t find many “lone wolves” among this group. Boomer women use their freedom (both of time and money) to build community, for lifelong learning and towards causes that are important to them. With age, she also gains the freedom to be her true self.

Marketing and sales strategies designed for the Boomer woman will craft messages of freedom that aren’t selfish and depict independence that builds community. And if marketers can authentically show Boomer women how their brands help women live up to their potential and bring them closer to their true selves, then Boomer women will reward those brands with their pocketbooks.

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