Love Life When Marketing to Boomer Women!

Love Life When Marketing to Boomer Women

Boomer women have learned to have a more conscious appreciation of life, and when marketing to Boomer women, brands need to embrace that exuberance. Sometime in her 40s, it dawned on the Boomer woman that someday, she was going to die. And that was distressing to her! Her big revelation might have been triggered by some brush with mortality, such as a friend stricken with cancer; a colleague, 48 and very fit, dies on the racquetball court; a neighbor loses a daughter in a freeway accident that wasn’t her fault.

The “not her fault” part is an important component, actually, because it’s what brings home to her that she can’t control or predict how much time she has left. One can do everything right and still exit the planet in a matter of moments.

No doubt about it-the Boomer woman’s mind is focused on life. But it’s not all bad, certainly! In her 40s, she’s mostly upset by the randomness of it all; by her 50s, she’s processed her way through that and can see it as a gift. More than in their youth, Boomer women (and men!) are aware that their days are numbered; and, as with luxury goods, rarity and scarcity increase perceived value. “Life is short,” the T-shirt says, “Eat dessert first.”

Here are how some of the women in our Girlfriend Groups for PrimeTime Women describe their love of life:

“Don’t postpone experience. We just lost my husband’s mother and we have three young friends with cancer-examples of how short life is. We both now feel like we have to do more, travel more, make more plans to see out-of-town friends, etc.” – Susan, 59

“If you want to do anything, don’t worry about tomorrow. You don’t know what will happen.” – Willia, 67

“I am not unique in having discovered that life is shorter than we think and all of a sudden you are 60, and you have wasted time on priorities that don’t matter at all.” – Anne, 64

Boomer women seek to savor every moment. They’ve got the time, the money and the drive to make it count.  And they are using this newfound “zest” to pursue old passions and explore new possibilities, to continue their lifelong learning, to spend time with their girlfriends, and to expand their life impact by giving back.

Marketing to Boomer women needs to be invigorated by a love of life to truly appeal to this powerful market. Consider the color scheme on Martha Stewart’s website-soft, yet inviting and full of life. And the promotion of  “Summer Good Things” reminds Boomer women of the small pleasures in life. Or remember Dove’s classic “Campaign for Real Beauty” which encouraged women to, “Imagine a world where beauty is a source of confidence, not anxiety.” These positive messages aren’t saccharine-they are authentic and genuine, just like today’s Boomer woman.

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