Home Improvement Gets Marketing to Women

As a category, the home improvement industry is among the forefront of marketing to women success stories. In Marketing to Women, research shows that both Lowe’s and Home Depot report half of their customers are women, and women initiate 80% of all home improvement decisions. According to a study by Ace Hardware, women spend 50% more per average purchase than men do.

Lowe’s recognized the power of women consumers way back in the 80s, long before anyone else caught on—and they keep innovating with new marketing to women strategies: from store design to advertising, from friendly sales staff to community outreach programs.

Their latest marketing innovation is their MyLowe’s account, which allows consumers to track and organize their purchases (very helpful if you’ve ever, say, run out of paint and need to match the color or keep forgetting which furnace filter you need), and set purchase reminders for common items like light bulbs. Women consumers love this kind of collaboration—and, of course, Lowe’s loves how the program makes earning customer loyalty easier.

Over the last decade, most home improvements stores, including Lowe’s Home Depot and Ace have made a dramatic shift in their advertising—away from cataloging products and prices towards building messages around people. I’d venture to say most of the people portrayed in these ads are women, too. Their messages have also moved in a more women-friendly direction—from “house” to “home” and from construction to creativity. Here’s an example from Lowe’s:

Watch the video: Lowes Commercial

Lowe's Marketing to Women

Watch the video: Lowes Commercial

Home Depot, with their slogan of More Saving. More Doing, also does a great job marketing to women with ads like the following:

Watch the video: Home Depot Commercial

Home Depot Marketing to Women

Watch the video: Home Depot Commercial

I applaud the home improvement industry’s successful efforts at marketing to women, and marketers can look to this category as a great example for other “manly” industries.

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