Hanging out with the Joneses

Some marketing to women ad executions are platformed on the assumption that everyone wants to get ahead of everyone else- code word: aspirational. However, female gender culture is grounded in the idea of empathy, not envy. Women would rather be hanging out with the Joneses than scrambling to get ahead of them.


In recent years, this fad seems to be fading, which is good for women and the companies trying to sell to them. Watch out for it in your own advertising, though. Women want to be better, not better than.

Similarly, I’ve seen a couple of women-targeted ads lately with a gloating attitude to them. I wonder if those advertisers know that to women, gloating means smug, mean and self-satisfied.

hanging-out-with-the-jonses-2The popular (and admittedly hilarious) Toyota Swagger Wagon campaign is a good example of ads meant to target women but falling short by appealing to feelings of superiority (no matter how outlandish).


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