Get Her to Give Up Perfection and ‘Buy Now!’

 For Women, Marketing Incentives Can Be More than Just Discounts

Traditionally, the role of incentives has been to influence brand choice. By giving the customer a discount, or some added value, the company is giving her a reason to choose one brand over another. While that dynamic is still alive and well with women, there’s also another reason to provide incentives: to break through women’s Spiral Buying Path decision process. Women spiral through the stages of decision-making, re-evaluating previous research in light of new

discoveries and seeking the perfect answer. As you imagine, this process can be time-consuming.

Spiral Buying Path decision process

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Marketing professionals can use well-aimed incentives to deflect the urge to pursue “the perfect answer,” and encourage her to make a good move now. And offering a discount isn’t always the most attractive option to women. Instead, offer services that are even more valuable to women, pique their interest or capture their imagination. This marketing approach leads to different offers, different timing and different language.

Marketing incentives to womenCurrent car dealership promotions are universally the same: a cacophony of cash offers focused on financing and discounts (“Get $1000 cash back!” sound familiar?). You can’t tell one from the other, which makes you think they must all be ineffective.

A car dealership seeking to capture a high share of the women’s market could run a marketing promotion offering special service to everyone who buys during the promotional time frame, like free car pickup and drop-off at the office or at home for regular maintenance and repairs. Or a car company could offer a chance to win one year of unlimited access to a driver/errand runner who could chauffer the kids, meet you at the airport, pick up prepared meals, handle any little driving errand that comes to mind. Actually, a really cool prize would be to offer women a one-year contract with a service that could handle all those errands. I’ve so often heard women wish they could delegate to someone. And, to all my women readers, didn’t you start nodding along as you pictured the implications of this offer?

So save your discounts and offer women something with more appeal, something that will really help her out. Add a time frame, and she just might decide that “the perfect answer” is to buy your brand right now!

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