Free to Be Me: Boomer Women Shun Social Conventions

Free to be me... Boomer Women“Being older is great. I intend to develop all sorts of interesting eccentricities… now that I can get away with it!” This sentiment from a friend of mine sums up Boomer women’s newfound freedom from social conventions-and they are loving it!

Their freedom comes partly from their 50+ years of experience that tell them that, no matter what you do, you can’t please everybody anyway, so you might as well please yourself. Those who are marketing to Boomer women should take notice that Boomer women are looking for brands that help them fulfill this new stage in life.

Author Gail Sheehy, famous for her work and writing on life stages, associates freedom from social conventions with reaching what she calls the “Age of Mastery,” which takes places between 50-65. She writes in Sex and the Seasoned Woman:

Gail Sheehy

“The great transition in the passage to Second Adulthood for women is to move from pleasing to mastery. In our First Adulthood, we survive by figuring out how to please and perform for the powerful people who protect and reward us: parents, teachers and bosses. But by our mid-forties, we are all looking for greater mastery over our environment-emotional, physical and vocational.”

Moreover, relative to their younger selves, Boomer women are more conscious that life is finite and time is precious, which gives them less patience with the nonsense of daily life, and more likelihood of saying so. Marketing campaigns with a “keeping up with the Joneses” vibe are sure to fail with Boomer women, but marketing strategies that emphasize the Boomer woman’s freedom to be herself are sure to win with the Boomer market.

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