Trade Secret
Case Study

Trade Secret

The TrendSight Group’s Marketing to Women Solution

  • About the company:  Trade Secret is  an all-in-one retail store and full-service salon offering women beauty treatments and products at value prices, including 3,000 of the newest products on the market in over 600 locations nationwide.


  • Situation:Trade Secret needed to revise its strategic brand direction in order to:
    •  focus on their primary customers (women),
    • Re-position the company from “vendor distribution channel” to a “retail brand.”
    • TSG’s Role:
      • Used the steps in the GenderTrends  Customer ViewFinder™ conduct Girlfriend Groups, Ethnographies, Store Manager Interviews.
      • Delivered “Engage & Excite” presentation to entire team in order to educate employees on the strategic re-positioning efforts and the fundamentals of marketing to women.
    • Result:
      • Presented three viable brand strategy and positioning options to Trade Secret.
      • Guided the company’s in-house design team to implement the recommended strategy and positioning through in-store elements and updated website.
      • Store managers were highly enthusiastic and reported positive customer response.