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What if We Saw the World Through the Eyes of Women?

My question isn’t rhetorical, or even emotional. Factually, only 5% of directors are women, including feature films, television, documentaries, music videos and commercials. A group of directors and other industry professionals are highlighting this issue with their group 5% WTF! Watch their clever animation to understand the problems this inequality worsens:

What if We Saw the World Through the Eyes of Women?

Juliana Lukasik, Principal/Director of Large Films, has a solution to achieve a higher representation of women in director roles:

What if We Saw the World Through the Eyes of Women?“As a Commercial Director I am appalled at how few women directors there are in advertising as well as all other aspects of filmmaking. But hey, I direct commercials so it is especially disturbing that while 85% of the time it is a women making the final decision on purchasing a product, about 95% of the time that advertisement is brought to her by a man in the lead creative role.

“The goal: EVERY time a woman directs, she should have an aspiring female director on set with her. It makes a huge difference.”

I met Juliana at M2W 2016 this year and was very impressed by her efforts. As women professionals, let’s take this mentorship challenge! Women make 85% of purchasing decisions and have real economic power, but when we only see the world through men’s eyes, we’re missing half the picture.

Moms: a Powerhouse Marketing to Women Market

And M2Moms Presents the Marketing Research to Prove It

I love research! It was data and facts that helped me break through misconceptions about women consumers in my first book Marketing to Women, and I have kept researching ever since.


So when I heard that the 11th Annual M2Moms Conference was focusing on research presentations from Univision, Saatchi & Saatchi, Smarty Pants and C+R Research, I fell in love. Moms are a powerhouse marketing to women market, and there are so many under-served niches within this market. If only marketers understood the opportunity! Well, now you can.

M2Mom research sessions and presenters will include:

  • Unlocking the Power of the Hispanic Mom for Future Growth by Liz Sanderson, VP, Strategy and Insights, Univision Communications, Inc.
  • Don’t Forget the Kids! Secrets to Winning With The Whole Family by Michelle Poris, Ph.D. Director of Quantitative Research, Smarty Pants
  • Moms New Truth by Wanda Pogue, Chief Strategy Officer, Saatchi & Saatchi
  • Mythbusting: Five Digital Assumptions About Kids & Families That Are Just Plain Wrong by Mary McIlrath, Ph.D., SVP, C+R Research.

If you sell a brand that moms buy (and you probably do), get to NYC for M2M! Oh, and one last thing… Save 25% on registration with code MB25!

Selling to Affluent Women at M2W 2015

M2W – The Marketing to Women Conference

Selling to Affluent Women at M2W 2015The 11th annual M2W is next month, and I am very excited for another opportunity to share the stage with marketing to women paragons! My presentation this year is Selling to Affluent Women: Face to Face With Today’s Big Spenders. I’ll offer you tips on how to:

  • Identify top women prospects and bring yourself to their attention.
  • Introduce yourself and follow through with relationship-building activities.
  • Discover what this prospect is looking for in a product and persuade her to consider yours.
  • Overcome “decision reluctance” and close the sale.
  • Keep your investment in this customer paying off for you over and over again.

Save 25% by using code Marti25 when you register. Remember, the conference is April 21 & 22 at the Chicago Cultural Center. I can’t wait to see you there!


Will I See You at M2W 2015?

M2W – The Marketing to Women Conference

One of my favorite times a year is almost here! This year, M2W — The Marketing to Women Conference– is April 21 & 22 at the Chicago Cultural Center. And I hope to see you there.

Save 25% by using code Marti25 when you register. And check out the 2015 Sessions and Speakers to make plans to see your favorites. Here are a couple of my must-sees:

Gender Convergence, Gender Roles and Gender Stereotypes

M2W speakerJenny Darroch, Ph.D. shares insights from her book Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work. This thought-provoking presentation will challenge some of our assumptions about male and female behavior.

In her latest book, “Why Marketing to Women Doesn’t Work”, Jenny Darroch identifies some of the pitfalls she sees when organizations attempt to market to women. In this talk, Jenny will focus on the multiple roles of men and women and the blurring of boundaries between these roles. Jenny will introduce the concept of gender convergence and provide recommendations that encourage marketers to consider masculine and feminine behaviors rather than male vs. female as a binary choice. Her overarching message is that if marketers improve the way in which they market to women, then overall marketing practice will improve.

Panel: Earning Women’s $300 Billion in Auto Spending

M2W Speaker M2W Speaker M2W Speaker

Enjoy this engaging discussion with three great marketing to women strategists: Jody DeVere, CEO of; Marcela Taberes, SVP of Strategic Insights for A+E Networks, and Hwei-Lin Oetken, Vice President of Market Intelligence for Kelley Blue Book.

Women hold 50.4% of driver’s licenses and 39% of car registrations. They influence or make 85% of all auto purchases which equates to $80 billion spent annually. Add in the post-purchase services and repairs, and women’s value to the auto industry rises to $300 billion a year!

And yet, despite their immense buying power, 74% of women feel misunderstood by the auto industry.

Women’s priorities are different than men’s. They require a reliable automobile and they are willing to wait for it. Women spend more time researching and more time shopping dealerships than men. To this end, the product research is only part of her decision – the experience of buying is her biggest trigger point. Then the experience of service can be what makes her a loyal, repeat customer.

Hear from this panel of automotive experts on how they’ve learned to rise to the needs of women, what it also means for increasing business with men, and how you can implement these strategies into your own industry.