Boomer Women Smash the Stereotypes

Stereotypes abound about the desperate, depressive life-stages that women must “get through” in midlife. The big three for Boomer women are the empty nest syndrome, caregiving and grand-parenting. Let’s say you were a Boomer woman and got to pick which stereotype you get labeled with. Which one would you pick?

Boomer Women Smash the Stereotypes

Boomer Women Smash the StereotypesDoor #1: The Empty Nester

Abandoned mother, sneaking back into the rooms of her children who have left the nest and throwing herself on the bedcovers in a fit of tears and grief.

Boomer Women Smash the StereotypesDoor #2: Caregiver

Dutiful daughter crushed by the unending drudgery of caring for a parent who doesn’t even know who she is anymore.

Boomer Women Smash the StereotypesDoor #3: Grandparent

Plump, doddering old grandma making homemade streusel and wearing stockings rolled down to her knees.

You win! Because as a Boomer woman, you get stereotyped as all three! All someone has to do is mention “women over 50” in a marketing conference room or planning meeting, and the ghost of Whistler’s Mother rises in the room. Or maybe that farm woman with the pitchfork from American Gothic.

Here’s the truth…

  • The “empty nest” actually turns into the “next quest” (as brilliantly portrayed in those fabulous Toyota Venza ads).
  • Caregiving, not as prevalent or devastating as the press would make it, creates resources and resilience.
  • Today’s grandmothers are engaged, empowered and energetic.

Marketing professionals need to embrace these aspects of Boomer women in their marketing—and then Boomer women will be more inclined to embrace their brands.



One thought on “Boomer Women Smash the Stereotypes

  1. The Midlife Gals

    Re: Door #2 – Sisters, Sally and Kelly Jackson, AKA The Midlife Gals online, forced our mother, The Ancient One, to play with us during our live-in, 5-year caregiving service to her. We MADE her laugh at her aging/dying predicament, because there was nothing else that could make that right or proper or meaningful. And, she rose to the occasion, like Norma Desmond…’ready for her close-up Mr. Demille!’ Take this little video as a sample of our love, devotion, frustration, entrapment and God-point service to our mother. Hehehehe…enjoy!

    KK and Sal


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