Boomer Women Caregivers and Healthcare Marketing Opportunities

Marketing to Boomer Women with Caregiving Products and Services Will Win Loyalty for Generations to Come

Boomer Women Caregivers

Being caregivers means that Boomer women will be making decisions not just for themselves but for their care recipient(s) as well. From finances to housing to health care to food, a lot of money will be passing through caregivers’ hands, and marketers have the opportunity to establish long-term relationships with these important decision-makers. They will be looking for products and services that make both their lives and their care recipients’ lives easier. If you provide these, you will earn not only their deep an immediate appreciation, but also a longer-term loyalty payoff because they may ultimately provide caregiving help of some sort to 2-3 (or more) recipients, such as their husband’s parents and eventually their own husbands. They will certainly be providing caregiving advice to their friends, too.

Furthermore, Boomer women caregivers will also be looking ahead to their own needs for care. They are making decisions not only for this generation of caregiving, but for future generations as well.

Boomer women will be a caregiving marketing channel in and of themselves. They will use word of mouth to learn about and spread the good (and bad) word about any and all developments in caregiving that make their lives, and the lives of their care recipients, better.

Resistance Chair Exercise System

They are ready and able to be caregivers, but they would love some help retaining control of their own lives while providing care for their loved ones. Here are a couple marketing ideas and opportunities I’ve encountered:

  • Driving Miss Daisy, a Canadian franchise firm, provides transportation and companion services that takes seniors shopping, to doctors’ appointments, lunches and other social events. The company markets itself by emphasizing extra care and security for their customers. What a break-and what a boon-for the caretaker.
  • The Resistance Chair Exercise System is designed for seated, low-impact exercise. It’s an innovative approach to helping older adults or anyone with a physical limitation achieve optimum exercise benefits at home. One reviewer writes, “Made for seniors by seniors. The best thing about the chair and videos is that they show senior citizens, male and female, doing the exercises.”
  • Clothing that fastens with Velcro or magnets. An acquaintance of mine was looking for a bra for her aunt that would close in the front with a magnet-the only options were, shall we say, for a different purpose than the ease of putting the bra on. But imagine how happy she would have been to help her aunt be more independent and feel more put-together had she been able to purchase one.

While the 45% of Boomer womenwho are actually caregivers spend only a small amount of time providing care, they and their families will welcome a revolution in products and services that make caregiving a more integrated and positive life-stage.

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