An Uplifting Conversation with the Bra Whisperer

Wouldn’t you love to get some one-on-one time with Susan Nethero, the Bra Whisperer? In less than two weeks, at M2W 2012, you can experience the next best thing– I’ll be leading an intimate session with Susan. We will explore the secrets behind her incredibly successful business, Intimacy— how she started, how she markets to women and maybe even some bra tips!

Susan Nethero’s Intimacy is a nine-figure business with 18 retail stores. She trained under the Queen of England’s Royal Bra Fitter, June Kenton (Royal Bra Fitter! Who knew?) and has been helping women find the perfect fit for 15 years. Susan is also an Oprah favorite, appearing on the show an amazing five times! Just check out one of her videos from below: Video: 5 Lingerie Must-Haves

Susan Nethero on Oprah Video: 5 Lingerie Must-Haves

Along with being the Bra Whisperer, Susan’s also a whiz at marketing to women (How else could she have built Intimacy into the success that it is?). Recently, I’ve had the opportunity to work with Susan as a business advisor, and, I must say, she is the perfect client! Whether we were collaborating on marketing strategy, marketing communucations or brand ambassador strategy, Susan is decisive and action-oriented.

If you’re trying to build a business through marketing to women, you won’t want to miss my conversation with Susan. Here are some of the questions and topics we’ll explore during our M2W session:

  • Her Business Idea: What was Susan’s original inspiration for Intimacy? What gaps in the market did she see?
  • Her Product: Can 85% of women really be wearing the wrong size bra? How can so many be so wrong?
  • Her Stores: Her 18 stores are located at some of the ritziest addresses in America. Who shops at Intimacy? Are all her customers sleek young celebrities?
  • Her Marketing: Who coined the term “The Bra Whisperer”? FIVE Oprah appearances – Are you kidding me?! Why did America’s most influential TV diva bring her back again and again?10,000 maniacs – What makes women stand in line for hours for an Intimacy bra fitting?
  • The Sweet Swell of Success: How long before she opened her second store? Her tenth? What were some of her early challenges and how did she deal with them? What does she know now that she wishes she’d known then?
  • Her Future Plans: Once you’ve built a huge business empire from scratch, what do you do for an encore?

Marketing to Women Conference 2012

M2W 2012 is in its 8th year– and like fine wine and cheese, the conference is only getting better with age. This year, M2W is part of a week-long event called Women Mean Business! Week.

Other icons of the marketing to women world who are presenting at M2W include:

  • Mary Lou Quinlan – Founder/CEO of Just Ask a Woman and author of Just Ask a Woman, What She’s Not Telling You, Time Off for Good Behavior and The God Box
  • Fara Warner – Editorial Director of International Special Editions for Newsweek/ Daily Beast Company and author of The Power of the Purse.
  • Michael Silverstein – Senior Partner and Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group and co-author of Treasure Hunt, Trading Up and, most recently,Women Want More (with fellow BCG partner Kate Sayre).
  • Tom Peters – Global Marketing Guru and author of In Search of Excellence, a Brand Called YOU, Re-Imagine!, The Little BIG Things and countless other wonderful books.
    Tom is the original thought-leader on women in business. As is his wont, he has been loud and unrelenting in his efforts to wake the world of marketing to the world’s biggest spenders (women), and to shake up management rosters with the talent proven most likely to improve business results (also women!) Call me amused, but every female consumer and executive in the world owes a tip of her feathered cap to “the father of ‘women mean business!'”

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