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For companies, sales organizations, and ad agencies worldwide, The TrendSight Group is the premier provider of Marketing to Women insights and ideas. We’re dedicated to helping our clients leverage women’s buying power, build brand awareness and gain competitive advantage with high-impact programs and communications that motivate women and that
work with men.

Men and womenWe are dedicated to understanding the differences between men and women and applying this expertise to your business. Our commitment is to developing short and longer term solutions that break through competitive clutter and help you avoid costly mistakes. We deliver innovative solutions, based upon our proprietary GenderTrends™ Model, that distinguish you from the competition. The Trendsight consulting model follows three stages. Each stage is customized for your business and industry.

How Clients
Work with Marti

  • new product launchesNew product launches
  • revitalizeRevitalize moribund products
  • develop offersDevelop offers
  • evaluateEvaluate why sales are stronger to men than women in gender-neutral products and markets
  • trainTrain sales reps, marketing professionals, and customer service departments
  • helpHelp marketing departments and ad agencies develop more effective messaging
  • maintainMaintain momentum and grow success
  • findFind answers to tough sales and marketing challenges