Women Want it All. Can Your Brand Give it to Them?

Women Want it All. Can Your Brand Give it to Them?
I’ve said it before (and will say it again): if your brand is successful with women and meets their needs, you will more than satisfy your male customers.

That’s because women want it all. The Perfect Answer.

Men Want the Executive Summary; Women Want the Full Report

Men prefer to start with the main point and supply specific detail only if the listener asks for it. Conversely, women will often start with a lengthy background and build up to the summary conclusion-an approach consistent with their belief in context and richness of detail.

The same goes for when she’s learning about your brand. A woman wants the full story-and “making a long story short” is not usually the best way to get and keep her attention. Your marketing communications need to make women feel well-informed and in-the-loop. The stereotypical, modern short attention span only comes into play when women aren’t that interested in what you’re t

elling them. Get her fully engaged in your story, and she will give you her attention. And what valuable attention that could be-to the exclusion of your competitors!

Men Care about the Important Stuff; Women Care about the Important Stuff… and the Details

When it’s decision time, women still want it all-this time in your product’s features and benefits. Men prefer to focus in on the important things when making a purchase decision, namely, the top few items on their list of criteria. Once they find something that meets all the key criteria, they’re ready to move ahead on a decision.

Women pick up on things that men don’t even register-either because they physically or perceptually can’t, or because they can’t be bothered. Although it’s true that men care only about “the important stuff,” the corollary is not that women care only about the details. The way it really works is that women want all the same things as men-and then some. They have a longer list. Details matter.

Women want it all. Can your brand give it to them?

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