Tell Me a Story: Marketing to Boomer Women Through Storytelling

Tell Me a Story: Marketing to Boomer Women Through Storytelling

When marketing to women of all ages, weaving a story can be very effective. This technique is especially powerful with Boomer women, however. The older people get, the more important stories become: storytelling helps us process our lives.

Dan McAdams, author of The Stories We Live By: Personal Myths and the Making of the Self, has studied how adults make narrative sense of their own lives. The stories we tell are part of the life review. Our life stories, and how we tell them, also help us generate our new identities in the second half of life. In fact, many people create “new” life stories or revise their own in order to make sense of particularly emotional or random times in their lives. As thought leader Rolf Jensen says in The Dream Society, “Storytelling has become an important part of market strategy; whoever tells the best story, and whoever tells it in the best way-will win.”

For Boomer women, a storytelling format will always have more power to engage and interest her than any product description. Women’s fundamental interest in people is so ingrained that they almost can’t resist a story, whereas many men almost shy away from them if they are longer than a paragraph or anecdote.

When using storytelling in marketing to Boomer women, keep references to aging upbeat, remember the milestones she finds important and how she likes to “keep it real.” Use stories and images that are realistic to her age and experiences, and employ “That’s me!” moments for the most poignant humor.

Avoid doom-and-gloom aging scenarios-she’s not feeling that vibe! But also avoid over-the-top idealism; she will see through that ploy immediately. Be as authentic in your storytelling as Boomer women are themselves, and you will snatch the attention of this lucrative market segment.

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