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[VIDEO] What Women Think about Most Sales Meetings

Women rate the investment industry last in a list of 58 categories. Whoah! There’s a problem here. And it starts with what women think about most sales meetings they have with financial planners. Watch my video to improve your selling to women skills!

Watch the video: What Women Think about Most Sales Meetings

Organic Balance Keeps it Real in Fabulous New Marketing to Women Campaign

Most marketing to women execution makes me yawn– it’s predictable and not particularly appealing to women. But protein shake brand Organic Balance woke me up with this perfectly planned video:

This spot reminded me of the original U by Kotex campaign from a number of years ago, created by Ogilvy & MatherThat ​gracefully ironic self-awareness of the young women in the set-up scene – adorable! The real women segments had me nodding in self-recognition – funny!

​Organic Balance’s fabulous new marketing to women campaign really embodies my “Real, Not Ideal.” GenderTrends principle. While watching the video, it is such a relief to transition to the “real women’s mornings” part of the video! I felt so able to relate that I do believe I was having an oxytocin episode. (Oxytocin is the hormone that promotes bonding in everybody, but especially in women. It is released both when women feel, as well as when they want, more closeness.) When those real women segments were showing, I was thinking, “Yup – That would be me!”

The brand doesn’t stop with one video– the campaign directs viewers to a Real Morning Report mini-site that uniquely appeals to women. You’re invited to take a survey (fun!) that reveals what mornings are like for other women (interesting!). And invites you to share cute, pre-made “Morning Facts” with your networks  (easy! friendly!). Also, enjoy coupons  to try out the product.

Organic Balance Keeps it Real in Fabulous New Marketing to Women Campaign Organic Balance Keeps it Real in Fabulous New Marketing to Women Campaign Organic Balance Keeps it Real in Fabulous New Marketing to Women Campaign

Every element of this creative campaign shows the brand really understands women and how to relate to them. What can your brand learn from Organic Balance?

Get More Insight on Marketing to Women with “Real, Not Ideal” Positioning

Authenticity is meaningful and motivating to women. Here are a few of my other posts that will help you keep it real when marketing to women:

Look Her in the Eyes when Selling to Women

Look Her in the Eyes when Selling to WomenIt’s a simple tip, really. But so important. When you’re selling to women, make eye contact.

When women talk to each other, they stand face-to-face. They spend a lot of time looking at each other’s faces and making eye contact. It’s how they read each other’s body language and understand the nonverbal context of the conversation. It’s also one signal women give that “I’m paying attention to you.”

Look Her in the Eyes when Selling to WomenThis conversational style doesn’t come naturally to men, who prefer to make occasional eye contact while mostly looking at a neutral object. It’s sort of like two guys sitting next to each other at a ballgame. Face-to-face interaction seems aggressive in male gender culture.

But if you’re selling to women, you need to understand and work within female gender culture. She wants you to look at her! And she wants to be able to look at you.

Benefits of Face-to-Face Interaction when Selling to Women

Here’s what happens when you look her in the eyes:

  • She’s confident you’re listening to her
  • She assumes you are interested in the conversation and that it’s important to you
  • She feels like she can listen to you more effectively because she can read your body language
  • She won’t be tempted to think you are daydreaming or distracted

Take a chance, look her in the eyes! She’ll notice. And she’ll appreciate it.

Selling to Women: How NOT to Annoy Your Women Prospects

“Selling to women is all about building relationships!”

selling-to-women-how-not-to-annoy-women-prospectsOh yes, this advice is definitely true. But it is also completely unhelpful to a salesperson who doesn’t understand female gender culture.

As a salesperson, you already build relationships. And you may be thinking, “But I treat my women clients just the same as my best male clients!” And that’s the problem.

Women are different.

As an illustration, take this first meeting between a financial advisor and prospect:

Financial Advisor: I’m so pleased to meet you. Let’s start with a little background for introduction. 

He then proceeds to describe his career and achievements.

Prospect: Let me tell you a little about my situation, family and future.

She then proceeds to tell stories about her life and the people in it.

Advisor: Well, now that we know each other a little, let’s get down to business. What kind of products are you looking to buy?

For a conversation between men, this sales meeting would be fairly successful. But a woman would be highly annoyed. Let’s explore why.

How the Financial Advisor Perceived the Conversation

Selling to Women: How NOT to Annoy Your Women ProspectsThe salesperson thinks he’s making friends and developing mutual respect through his “credentialing” introduction that described his success and acumen. Although the personal small talk went on a little longer than he would have liked, he feels like he helped the prospect narrow her focus and concentrate on what’s important.

How the Female Prospect Perceived the Conversation

Selling to Women: How NOT to Annoy Your Women ProspectsThe prospect thinks the salesperson is a bit arrogant and wonders why the first part of the meeting had to be all about him and his braggingAnd she’s annoyed that he ignored all the important life details that she took the time to share. She’s also off-put that he expected her to know what products she wanted this early in the process. She might think, “You’re the expert. I told you about myself and what I need. Why don’t you suggest what products would be best?”

So, to avoid annoying your women prospects, learn about the differences between men and women’s gender cultures and engage in conversations that respect her mindset.


[VIDEO] Selling to Women: When She Stops Nodding, You Stop Talking

Selling to women requires learning these important non-verbal cues that are incredibly important in women’s gender culture. You may be offending her without even knowing it!

Watch the video: When She Stops Nodding, You Stop Talking

Selling to Women: Inspire ‘Me Too!’ Moments to Grab Her Attention

When getting to know each other in conversation, men typically have a very different dynamic than women. Men’s dynamic is a sort of “one-ups-manship.” They establish what each is interested in and who is better or more knowledgeable in each area.

Women find this approach tiresome. If you are a man establishing a professional relationship with a woman, you’re going to have to change your game to keep her interested.

Women don’t care about pecking orders and hierarchies. They want to know what they have in common with other people. When selling to women, keep the mantra, “Me too!” in mind.

Selling to Women: Inspire 'Me Too!' Moments to Grab Her Attention

Here’s one effective way to look for “Me Too!” Moments in your sales conversations with women. You’ve probably noticed that women are always trading compliments. “What a great scarf you’re wearing!” or “I love that book you’re reading! Great taste in literature!” And the woman receiving the compliment usually responds with a story, such as,

“Buying this book was a complete accident. I grabbed the first thing on the newsstand at the airport when I realized I had forgotten my Kindle and was late for my flight. Turns out to be fantastic, though!”

When getting to know a woman in a prospecting situation, try addressing appropriate compliments to the client, listening to her stories, and identifying points of commonality with her. After hearing the woman’s airport book buying story, you could ask, “Oh, so do you fly often? I do, too.” Women are looking for other people who belong to the same “tribes” they do, and now you’ve just joined her jetsetter tribe.

Being part of her tribe and understanding the frequent flyer lifestyle could lead directly to her discussing her tight schedule and why it’s so important for her to find a financial advisor with the acumen to look after her investments while she’s busy with her career and family. And because she feels you understand her, she will view you as a friend and advisor instead of someone just after her business.

P.S. Warning to men, here! When you identify subjects you have in common with women clients, keep in mind that you’re trying to establish what you both share and what makes you the same. You’re not trying to compete for the top spot in who has flown to the most airports or read the most books. Women find it distasteful when a simple getting-to-know-you conversation turns competitive. Remember to think in terms of “Me too!”

How to Talk to a Woman

When Selling to Women, Connect with Your Prospects in Conversation

how-to-talk-to-a-womanPerhaps you’ve taken my advice that women are amazing prospects and have started selling financial services to women. Great! The first step in prospecting women is to inspire a connection and start your relationship.

There are three things you need to know about connecting with women in conversation.

  1. Find something you have in common
  2. Be careful not to one-up
  3. Followup after the conversation

Find Something You Have in Common

Women have very little use for “getting down to brass tacks.” If you’re going to be her financial advisor, she wants to know and understand you. Let go of your PowerPoint deck for awhile and find something personal you both have in common. Ask about her latest vacation, family, or what’s keeping her busy these days. Perhaps you will discover that both of you love Italy and take most of your vacations there.

Be Careful Not to One-Up

In male gender culture, it’s natural to emphasize your assets and successes. But female gender culture emphasizes togetherness and equality. When you find something you have in common with a woman prospect, don’t mention how you are the best or most capable at it! If she’s visited Italy five times, don’t tell her you’ve been there seven times. She’ll view this one-ups-manship as tiresome and annoying. Open up, share your foibles, and she’ll be more likely to open up her wallet.

Followup After the Conversation

Women appreciate details. Show that you care and are detail-oriented by sending her a personalized token and written note after the conversation. For example, send an Italian cookbook with the note:

“I know you enjoyed eating your way through Italy as much as I did! These are some of my favorite recipes that remind me of Tuscany.”

Do these three things, and your affluent women prospects will think of you less as a salesperson and more as a friend who is enjoyable to talk with. Doesn’t that sound like the start of a prosperous relationship?