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Marketing to Women with Surveys and Quizzes

Marketing to Women with Surveys and QuizzesWomen love surveys and quizzes, which is why women’s magazines and websites run them so often, even using them as part of their audience draw. Take a look at Cosmopolitan‘s front cover – “Quiz: Does He Think You’re Soul Mates?” Or Stitch Fix’s “Take the Style Quiz to Get Your Perfect Wardrobe.

They’re fun to fill out, you learn something about yourself and it’s interesting to see how you compare to others in the results.

In your marketing to women strategy, use this appeal to gather information on your product, your positioning or a promotion you’re considering running. Use quizzes to gather consumer lifestyle information and surveys for product/category feedback.

Keep it fairly short. Remember that people are busy! You’re better off separating your topics into six surveys of five minutes each instead of three surveys of ten minutes each.

As for incentives to participate, whereas focus groups usually require a cash payment of $25-100 per respondent, online research is as cheap and simple as sharing the results, which can be tabulated and shown instantly. Remember, whereas a man is relatively more interested in telling companies what he thinks, women are relatively more interested in learning how other people see the situation.

Marketing to Women Survey Example

Organic Balance masterfully deployed a marketing to women survey in their Real Morning Report.

Fact: 100% of women could use an organic breakfast in a bottle. We surveyed 1,000 professional women to see what their mornings were really like. Scroll down to take the survey for yourself and see how your morning routine compares.

As women answer each question in the survey, a fact about women’s morning routines is revealed:
Marketing to Women with Surveys and Quizzes





Marketing to Women with Surveys and Quizzes

This survey is perfectly designed to attract and interest women. It’s fun, quick and gives instant, shareable results. Also, there’s plenty of opportunity for women to identify with the majority in “that’s me!” moments, which help them relate to Organic Balance’s brand. Read more about this campaign in my article, “Organic Balance Keeps it Real in Fabulous New Marketing to Women Campaign.”

I encourage you to incorporate a quiz or survey into your next marketing to women effort– you’ll earn high engagement from women and gain valuable information about your audience!

[VIDEO] Best Buy’s Switch to a Woman-Focused Store Format

Marti shares a marketing to women case study of Best Buy’s experiment with women-friendly store formats– and how the results were stunning. This video excerpt is from her marketing to women keynote speech to Kodak.

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