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Marketing to Women Beyond the Sale

Marketing to Women Beyond the SaleWomen are more interested in, and place more value on, warranties, guarantees and customer support availability. Women want to be sure that they have help if they encounter problems with your product. And 65% of the time, it’s the woman who takes the car into the repair shop. The numbers are similar for other home-related maintenance. Offering back-end or post-purchase features are an important part of marketing to women, especially if you’re selling complex or high-end products.

The fact is, there aren’t that many companies that truly satisfy customer concerns, questions or complaints. Instead, you get stuck in an endless phone menus or directed to “knowledgebase articles.” When you do reach a voice from the Land of the Living, the answer is ultimately that nothing can be done about your problem anyway/

Marketing to Women Beyond the SaleFor anyone reading this who says, “That’s not our customer policy,” let me say two things. First, of course it’s not! No one makes a commitment to delivering bad customer service. Second, try using your own customer service system anonymously– not from a company phone or device. I’m afraid that you’re likely to discover what most customers discover: the service is terrible.

That’s right. I said it. And I bet you’ve probably said it, too, about other companies. But most people believe their own marketing about their company.

I heard of one study that included the question, “Would you come back to…?” in reference to the company that sold the product. Of the people who answered no, not one mentioned the product; all of them instead identified a service-related problem.

Make sure to keep marketing to women beyond the sale. She wants to be a loyal customer, but you have to reciprocate that loyalty. When customer service resolves questions and problems and does so via a caring, intelligent person who genuinely wants to help reach a resolution, it’s surprising and delightful.

Watch for These 5 ‘Shut Up!’ Signals from Women Prospects

Selling to Women is Easy When Salespeople Understand Her Non-Verbal Communication

Sales conversations with women will go much more successfully if you watch for her non-verbal communication cues. Many women don’t interrupt when another person is talking, relying on their body language to communicate that they have something to say. Watch for these five non-verbal “Shut up!” signals:

Watch for These 5 'Shut Up!' Signals from Women Prospects
She’s not nodding.
Women nod to show they are listening and understand what you are saying. When the nodding stops, her attention is wavering or she has a question.

Watch for These 5 'Shut Up!' Signals from Women Prospects
She’s sitting forward in her chair.
She’s eager to add something to the conversation. Perhaps she’s ready to buy! Why don’t you ask what she’s thinking?

Watch for These 5 'Shut Up!' Signals from Women Prospects
Or, she’s sitting back in her chair.
Uh-oh, has she lost interest? Did you say something she disagrees with? This body language means its time to engage your prospect.

Watch for These 5 'Shut Up!' Signals from Women Prospects
She put her pen down.
If she was taking notes before, and she suddenly stops, you need to stop talking right away.

Watch for These 5 'Shut Up!' Signals from Women Prospects
She crosses her arms.
This is another classic posture that indicates a woman is distancing herself from the conversation.

If you see any of these five non-verbal signals while you’re selling to a woman, stop talking! Take a breath and asks what she thinks so far. When you start talking again, remember to give her plenty of opportunity to jump into the conversation.

When Selling to Women, Simply Listening is Not Nearly Enough

when-selling-to-women-simply-listening-is-not-enoughEvery salesperson out there thinks he is a good listener. But by women’s standards, you probably aren’t! In women’s gender culture, listening is a practice and an art. Men may be thinking, “How can you practice listening? Don’t you just sit there and pay attention?” Not if you want to make the sale to women!

Four Ways to Let Women Know You Are Listening

Salespeople need to show that they are listening. Here are four ways to communicate that you are listening to your prospect:

  1. Active Listening – Show that you understand what she’s saying by rephrasing her words as a clarifying question. “So you like this feature, but have reservations about that one?”
  2. Empathetic Listening – Show you understand how she feels, along with what she wants. Feeling understood is far more important to women than to men. “I get the impression that you’re pretty concerned about…” or “You’re really looking forward to…”
  3. Asking for Detail – Women desire to share details, so ask for them. “Tell me a little more about that.” or “Why is that important to you?”
  4. Non-Verbal Cues – While a woman is speaking, look at her face and watch for cues that tell you how to respond. Don’t look down or away, except to jot down notes. Nod occasionally to show you understand what she’s communicating.

For women, listening is something you actively do and an important way to participate in the conversation. Follow my four listening tips, and your women prospects will feel like you respect and understand them, which are two important keys to earning her business!