A World of Difference: The Ten GenderTrends™ That Will Change Your Company, Your Work and Your World

Rave Reviews

National Association of Convenience Stores

Ratings (62 Surveys received)

Excellent                Excellent/Very Good

                              Skills                             66%                               96%

                              Knowledge                 73%                               97%

What was most valuable element of the presentation?

  • “All info was very interesting. Speaker was very knowledgeable.”
  • “The statistics of women’s influence in the marketplace”
  • “Research-based – facts & stats – Good overview about research”
  • “Idea of ‘cultural differences’”
  • “How men and women interact with each other because of cultural differences”
  • “Pointing out the differences in sexes – perceptive approach to it!”
  • “The comparison of how men and women process info”
  • “Enjoyed entire session – Great Speaker!!”

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