Rock Your Sales and Profitability by Winning with the Big Spenders: Women

Are you looking for concrete ideas to turbo-charge your marketing efforts and get more bang for your marketing buck? Of course you are!

Your industry’s marketers have long known their primary customer is female. Even so, these companies often overlook the obvious: their customer is not “the consumer,” she is a woman.

Women and men perceive, believe and behave differently. From word-of-mouth to websites, promotion to packaging – every marketing tool in the toolbox should be tailored to your key buyers’ female gender culture and aligned with her decision process.

Marti covers lots of important ground in this popular presentation including the differences in male and female gender culture and how sharp marketers can use gender-savvy thinking to capture the competitive edge. This enlightening and entertaining presentation will show you:

  • The four key differences in male and female gender culture that substantially affect their responses to your message, media and selling environment
  • Three drivers of women’s purchase process that you can use to boost your marketing results among women
  • A systematic way to apply gender insights that will make every element of your marketing programs more effective than your competitors’
  • Why Marketing to Women requires no incremental marketing dollars
  • Three communication principles that will help your marketing materials catch and keep women’s attention
  • How women research the brands they buy and why they reject the brands they don’t buy
  • Ways to increase your products’ appeal and relevance to your female target audience
  • What retail environments encourage them to enter more often and stay longer
  • Seven “do’s and don’ts” of female-friendly communications, including why “painting the brand pink” would be a sure way to give your business the blues
  • How to leverage women’s word-of-mouth as the ultimate marketing multiplier, making each new woman customer at least four times more profitable than a new male customer
  • How to build a brand into a bond between you and your customers
  • The “silver bull’s eye” of marketing to women – that segment with the most buying power for almost every industry
  • How doing a better job marketing to women also builds business with  men

Marketing to women delivers more bang for every buck in your marketing and sales budgets, which in turn grows sales, share and profits.  Don’t risk your business and your professional success by being the last to learn how to reach and motivate the world’s biggest spenders – women!

Presentation Outline 

  • The importance of the women’s market opportunity – stats and facts that make it clear women mean business – for you!
  • The changing composition, outlook and buying behaviors of today’s women customers and clients
  • Women’s usage of and attitudes toward your industry’s products & services
  • The three to five male/female differences that are most actionable for your industry, and implications for how to apply these insights across your marketing efforts
  • Ideas for building sales by sharpeningyour key tactics to resonate more strongly with women

Rave Reviews

Microsoft Office Live Meeting – Joint Web Seminar with Tom Peters

“Today I listened to the “Women Roar” discussion with yourself and Tom Peters.  How absolutely timely of a program…we have needed this type of discussion for years!“

“The web seminar was fantastic! You and Tom couldn’t have played off each other better if you’d rehearsed for weeks. And each one of you taking the discussion to a higher level with each exchange. It was exciting!”

91% The event was valuable to my role at my company

96% The content was good/very good (top 2 boxes on 5 pt scale)

96% The overall experience was good/very good (top 2 boxes on 5 pt scale)

98% I would recommend this event to a colleague or friend

Plum District National Sales Conference

“I thought Marti was outstanding – a good mix of information content and style.”

“I loved Marti – I felt that she was dynamic and interesting. She had an incredibly high minded energy that was so stimulating!”

“Marti was a great motivational speaker!”

“I think Marti Barletta was amazing.”

Blair Corporation

“WOW! Thank you to those responsible for bringing Marti to Blair. I absolutely loved the way she presented her material.”

“It was interesting to hear all the things that we just take for granted or just sort of know but don’t realize fully until someone presents it to you.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I thought Marti was a brilliant speaker and her personal experience helps to illustrate her presentation topic.”

“I was impressed by the fact that Marti had viewed our catalogs and gave some specific recommendations to Blair.”

“I am grateful to Blair Corporation for providing this opportunity. It was evident that Marti Barletta had familiarized herself with Blair and was able to customize her presentation, making it even more meaningful. …I hope to see indications that she has influenced our company in many, many  ways…I especially liked how she presented the differences in genders as cultural differences; how she emphasized that the differences she cited were “on average” and that there is not a right or a wrong – just differences.”

“I want to thank the people responsible for making this presentation possible. The foresight to bring this dynamic presentation here, so that many people from various departments could hear the message, is such a positive statement about our company.”

Novartis Marketing Excellence (MEx) Global Learning Program

“The webinar poll results rate the highest of the 4 Novartis Webinar events to date!

“You are amongst distinguished company with Scott Bedbury (ex-SVP Marketing, Starbucks), Sergio Zyman (ex-CMO, Coca Cola) and Malcolm Gladwell (NYT journalist and author of The Tipping Point) as our speakers to date for the Novartis Webinars.  All speakers were extremely well-received, but you beat them all by a few points!”
— Director, Novartis Marketing Excellence (MEx) Global Learning Program

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