Why She’s Not Buying It, and How to Change Her Mind

Face-to-Face with Female Customers – Are You Making the Mistakes Most Great Sales Professionals Make? We all know that a woman doesn’t want to be sold “like a girl.” But did you know that treating her exactly the same way you treat your very best male customers will backfire too? Even great salespeople rarely realize how a woman’s buying process, purchasing priorities and interpersonal expectations are different from a man’s. As a result, they overlook easy opportunities to connect, and often make missteps that cost them the sale altogether.

That’s where The Gender Code™ can help – a simple system of insights and tips that will help you close more sales with women customers, lock in their loyalty, and secure their enthusiastic referrals.  You’ll learn:

  • Networking – You know it isn’t the same as guy-to-guy: now learn what to do instead.
  • What you’re doing wrong when you introduce yourself to a woman prospect and how you can shift her from turning off to tuning in
  • Three things women do in sales meetings that don’t mean what you think
  • The one simple signal that most men miss when a woman is losing patience with a salesperson
  • Four things you learned in sales training that will cost you business with women customers
  • Why asking for referrals from women won’t work and what you can do instead that will guarantee she raves about you to all her friends
  • The Sally Field Scenario: Making sure she likes you, she really likes you!

Typical selling approaches don’t work with women. Remarkably, a few simple changes you can easily make are all that’s required to turbo-charge your conversion rate. This entertaining and useful presentation will give you the inside scoop on how to better connect with your most profitable prospects – women!

Rave Reviews

Canadian Association of Financial Planners

  • Approx 1,200-1,500 in mainstage audience
  • Barletta was top-rated Keynoter of 7 Keynote presentations
  • Barletta rated as one of the top 3 speakers at entire 40-speaker conference 
  • “Well done – Informative”
  • “Excellent – Needs more time”
  • “She’s super – This person is right on the march”
  • “Thank you for educating all of us”
  • “Awesome – One of the best sessions”
  • “Wish I’d heard you before my divorce!”
  • “Entertaining – Incredible presentation – Very good points”

John Hancock Funds

  • Rated top speaker of 11 speakers at conference
  • Barletta presented at 14 distributors’ meetings
  • “Great presentation!”
  • “Excellent, enjoyed this!”
  • “Very useful for my practice.  I have about 60% women: widows, divorced and single.  Good stuff !”
  • “Incredible!”
  • “Excellent, a highlight!”
  • “Outstanding presentation”

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