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Rave Reviews

Women in Leadership and Business Conference

  • She was worth the price of admission!  I came wanting to hear her.
  • Very captivating and knowledgeable on her topics.
  • Another down-to-earth speaker. So confident and comfortable with herself and the audience. Excellent sense of humour. Trying to figure out a way to get her invited to one of our internal conferences…lack of women notwithstanding…
  • Knowledge, great analogies, many take aways
  • Loved it!
  • Marti was brilliant, I loved her. A thoughtful, insightful presentation that gave me lots of think about and action.
  • Relevant, useful, impactful.
  • Marti was incredibly engaging and brought a wealth of information to the table that I believe must be relevant to all in attendance
  • There were a few speakers for whom I could have listened to for another hour (ie. Marti Barletta)
  • Focused and informative.  Excellent speaker.
  • My favorite of the conference!

Linkage Women’s Leadership Summit

  • Barletta rated as one of the top 3 speakers at 30-speaker conference
  • Invited to present again at same conference the following year

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