Pay Attention, Marketing Professionals: Boomer Women Have Freedom, Time and Resources

Marketing to Boomer women? Try the freedom angle.

When Boomer women reach mid-life, they find themselves surprised by freedom. In their forties, Boomer women are nervous about the future, but when 50 arrives, midlife brings an important freedom: Freedom from family chores.

Not only do Boomer women find themselves with more time, but they can indulge in “my time,” too. Up until this point, women have made their priorities their kids, their husbands, their own parents and siblings, the PTA, the Girl Scout troop, the swim team, their kids’ college applications, and so on. Their orientation towards others and their commitment to making a nice home for their families don’t leave much time for their own interests and activities.

However, once Boomer women are able to scale back their responsibilities as mother, room mom, soccer mom and so on, they find themselves with whole heaping handfuls of time they can use to explore their options, rekindle old interests, and experiment with something new. And they mean to use it!

Men have always been more “me” focused, but now it’s women’s turn. While men’s responsibilities don’t change much in midlife, once the immediate family needs ease off, Boomer women’s focus changes dramatically. This point in life marks a beginning for Boomer women, not an ending. It’s the beginning of “My Time”-no wonder women love it! Here are two “midlife testimonials” from our Girlfriend Groups:

“You wake up and do whatever you feel like doing. I do a lot of walking outside for myself, walking the dogs for an hour. Meet friends for lunch, go shopping, read, cook. Whatever I feel like doing.” – Barbara, 55

“I spend more today… I had to provide for other people, and now I don’t have to.” – Leanna, 68

In many respects, the Boomer woman is able at last to return to who she was before she married and had kids-a dancer, traveler, an actress in community theatre. She can read until 2AM and sleep late on weekends if she wants, because nobody has to be at the soccer field by 8AM. If all she wants for lunch is asparagus, there’s no one to insist on hot dogs and mac ‘n cheese. Nothing for kids to do on a wine tour through Tuscany? So what? Let’s go!

Marketing to Boomer women? Celebrity Cruises is a good example

The marketing team at Celebrity Cruises clearly understands the Boomer woman’s “freedom from family chores” attitude. Awhile back, they had an advertising campaign featuring a woman relaxing in beautiful blue water, and the copy captured the midlife transition from “taking care of everyone” to “having someone take care of me,” with the headline: “Somewhere between Monte Carlo and Mykonos, ‘mom’ becomes ‘madame.'”

Using freedom as a marketing approach is inspiring for marketers-and it works with marketing to Boomer women! It’s a win-win for everyone.

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