Marketing to Women Goes Global

Marketing to women has undeniably gone global– and the epicenter is in Chicago. Chicago? Yes, you read that right! Chicago is home to the core group of Marketing to Women thought leaders, a score of leading consumer companies who get it and a corps of talented marketers capable of marketing to women leadership.

Women Mean Business Week

To explore the global impact of women’s purchasing power around the world, M2W has teamed up with Chicago Sister Cities International to bring us Women Mean Business! Week— a global look at marketing to women, right here in Chicago.

Marti Barletta at Women Mean Business! Week

There’s no way I would miss out on the fun of Women Mean Business! Week! I’ve spoken worldwide and consult with global brands. From Scandinavia to Japan to Dubai, I’ve seen first-hand how marketing to women is taking over the world.

I’ll be moderating the Global Agency Panel, where we bring new and important perspectives to marketing to women around the world. We will answer questions like,

  • Do female consumers in different countries respond to the same product attributes, messaging and media outreach?
  • How can a company export its successful domestic brand to an international market?
  • What are some important distinctions between women consumers around the world?

Joining me on the panel are some of my great friends– Tatiana Butovitsch Temm, Gemma Cernuda-Canelles, Carola Fuentes and Rachel Dalton.

All of these women are experts and have awesome success stories to share about globally marketing to women (and maybe we’ll share some not-so-successful stories. We’ve all been there!).

Register with Code Marti25 to Save 25%

As a speaker for Women Mean Business! Week and M2W 2012, I am pleased to offer my readers 25% savings on conference registration. Just enter code Marti25 in the Discount Code field.

And just a reminder… The conference is rapidly approaching– only two weeks away!

I’d love to see you there. Here are the registration links:

Marti Barletta Brings Marketing to Women to the World

I’ve been honored to bear the marketing to women standard to many diverse countries and culture. In preparation for the Women Mean Business! Global Panel, I’ve reflected on some of my favorite international interviews:

Santiago, Chile

America Economia

Interview with América Economia: “Barletta: ‘Quienes más compran autos o artículos electrónicos son las mujeres'”

Link to the Google English Translation


Marti Barletta Interview in Dubai

Interview: Marti Barletta during the Marketing to Women Conference in Dubai

“Marketing to Women in Dubai” – My newsletter on the experience

Barcelona, Spain

Marti Barletta interview in Spain

Interview: Marti Barletta during the RethinkHer conference in Barcelona, Spain


Marti Barletta interview in Denmark

Marti speaks at PrimeTime Kvinder, presented by press house ALLER.


Interview with Garden of Words: “Wywiad Z Martha Barletta

Link to the Google English Translation

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