Make Her Want to Win: Contest Promotions Work with Women

Make Her Want to Win

Women love surprises-and you can improve your marketing to women by promoting contests. But there are some things you need to remember. Women don’t appreciate fierce competition, and they love to share what they know. Retailer Anthropologie holds a “Wish it, Win it” sweepstakes in December, revealing one prize from its holiday collection each day. In this friendly contest, women receive extra entries each time they invite their friends to enter the contest on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.

Women-oriented promotions will benefit your business in three ways:

  1. Attract attention to your brand. Female-friendly prizes like those mentioned below are new and different, a great way to distinguish your brand from the competitive pack.
  2. Extend awareness and participation. Word of mouth will travel. Add in incentives for sharing on social media, and the news will fly. Unusual approaches are fun and worth a mention, which will not only drive awareness and participation but also keep the memory floating around a lot longer than run-of-the-mill, business-as-usual offers.
  3. Shorter decision times. Contests have deadlines. If a time-sensitive promotional offer gets her to close the sale faster, then its work here is done.

How do you make her want to win and motivate her to participate in your contest? Offer shareable prizes or “chick” prizes-or both!

Shareable Prizes are More Fun

Fly her with her husband, kids and one more adult (Mom or babysitter) for two weeks in the Bahamas; or let her invite four friends to Montana for a “girls’ getaway” soft adventure trip. Timberland sponsored a three-week long sweepstakes in conjunction with Macy’s stores that celebrated the “endless possibilities” of being a woman by offering the chance to win an enriching life experience for herself and her friends.

Chick Prizes are Always Welcome

These are things that women love and just never get enough of. Give her flowers-a fresh bouquet each month, foot rubs or a full-body massage once a week for a year, or a library of chick flick videos and a year’s supply of popcorn for four. She’ll respond to your promotion and tell her friends to enter too, and if they win, they’ll never stop talking about your company.

Even if your end users are mostly men, don’t forget who the buyer is. One of my friends went to a local store called Bleachers Sports, which focuses on sports memorabilia in the form of baseball cards, collectibles and such. During her visit, the friendly owner came up to her and said he was running a “Moms only” NCAA basketball pool-he entered everyone’s name into a random pool, assigned random teams, and if your team got into the Final Four, you won a prize. And not just any prize-first place was $100 gift card to Miss Behave, a sassy women’s clothing store just down the street. Second place was a gift card for his store, which of course would be shared with the kids. My friend will definitely patronize his store more because he appreciates his mom clientele.

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