How to Prove Marketing to Women Works

How to Prove Marketing to Women Works

If you are leading the marketing to women charge in an organization skeptical of the power of the purse, it is imperative you capture the results that validate your program’s impact. Build measures that track the impact of your marketing to women initiatives– these systems aren’t easy to implement and are hardly ever free, but they are essential to overcoming corporate inertia.

Tracking must be comprehensive and should include elements such as:

  • Brand preference
  • Sales
  • Repeat purchases
  • Customer satisfaction

Measure men as well as women. Many companies fear that by reaching out to women, they may alienate men. But the opposite is actually true-because women have a longer list of wants and seek the Perfect Answer, improving effectiveness with women tends to boost customer satisfaction among men. Track it and prove it.

Presales Indicators Will Be Key

Because women’s decision cycle is longer than men’s, it’s likely that you will see presales indicators from female consumers before you notice strong improvement in actual sales. These indicators might include:

  • Increased awareness
  • More favorable perceptions
  • Increased requests for information and sales materials

Given the pressure companies face to deliver quarter by quarter, your ability to sustain marketing to women programs throughout the ramp-up time may depend on your ability to demonstrate preliminary movement in the right direction using these “stand-in” measures.

How to Track Presales Indicators

Quantitative surveys conducted via phone, mail or online and mall-intercept are a great way to track changes in women consumers’ awareness of, attitude towards and interest in your product at the expense of your competitors.

Given that the competitive future of your company may well depend on its ability to market successfully to women, it would be a really good idea to put those tracking systems into place right from the start.

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