Customer Services Win Out with Marketing to Women

Customer service is a given now in any retail situation. Companies that say, “what makes the difference is our service and our knowledgeable, helpful, kind and courteous people” are kidding themselves and not keeping an eye on their competitors, who are all saying the same thing!

But customer services that save women time are a huge hit.

One enterprising stationary store in my neighborhood defended itself against the big box office/school supply giants with an innovative promotion aimed at saving moms time during the busy season. They got the supplies list from every teacher in the district and would pre-pack a shopping bad for you. All consumers had to do was call up and say, “Mrs. Burgess’s Class,” and an hour later, she could waltz in, pick up her bag, pay and zip right out three minutes later.

Customer Services Win Out with Marketing to Women

When I had young babies and found myself hauling mass quantities of diapers, wipes and bottles into the house each week (all while managing an infant and toddler, mind you!), I used to dream about a retailer who would bring it to me in a weekly delivery. Would I have signed a six-month contract? You bet. What’s a few dollars compared to that kind of convenience?

Those dreams have come true for moms today with Amazon Mom. For $79/year, moms get free two-day shipping, 20% off on subscriptions to diapers and wipes, along with select other “family essentials” like laundry detergent and non-perishable groceries. Talk about customer services. Now all women have to worry about is what to do with all those cardboard shipping boxes! Big box stores, which have enjoyed reputations for convenience and low prices, have a formidable competitive threat on their hands.

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