Case Study


The TrendSight Group’s Marketing to Women Solution

Recommendation from Susan Nethero – CEO/Founder of Intimacy stores, a major market retailer with sales well over $100 million and 10,000 customer testimonials

Marti Barletta served as a marketing and strategic branding consultant to Intimacy – a national chain of 18 lingerie stores – in the fourth quarter of 2011. She provided excellent recommendations and actionable strategies that increased sales and marketing effectiveness while enhancing brand image. The following highlights demonstrate her competence and contribution to Intimacy’s marketing success:

  • Her Seasonal Merchandising Recommendations were instrumental in boosting customer conversion, growing overall shopper traffic, and increasing average sales figures.
  • Tactical ideas for improving merchandising signage for a higher quality creative presentation led to increasing traffic during holiday season.
  • Research advice for gifting and self-gifting – complete with identified seasonal buying motivators – helped us define in-store promotions for pre-holiday customers.

Brand Image Enhancement

Marti suggested we utilize our nationally publicized persona to persuade the natural audience to walk-in and shop.

  • Her insightful guidance about visual presentation led to increased overall awareness. Suggested merchandising changes to feature more diversity with consumer images of women of all sizes and shapes attracted a wider audience.
  • Suggesting simplified brand graphics led to a more cohesive brand personality.
  • Marti also stressed the importance of utilizing Intimacy’s nationally recognized brand spokesperson in all marketing materials to capitalize on brand building and awareness. Intimacy had overlooked the value in this type of messaging and its strengths that were valuable for establishing credibility and attracting customers.

Research Advice and Tactical Recommendations

  • Marti proposed brand loyalty, word of mouth marketing, and referral strategies to leverage the satisfaction from customer shopping experiences for new customer acquisition.
  • Recommended we emphasize the benefits of curated product selection provided by Intimacy. The highly attractive selection of brands and sizes and shapes are as important a benefit as the heavily promoted Free Bra Fittings offered to shoppers.
  • Suggested that Intimacy highlight all value added features offered from alterations, to quality of the brands, to free scheduling of appointments.