Case Study

GE Appliances

The TrendSight Group’s Marketing to Women Solution

  • About the company:  GE is one of the largest manufactures of major appliances in the world.  GE Appliances offers over 400 products that meet standards for ENEGRY STAR appliances. 
  • Situation: GE Appliances developed a new print campaign that needed refinement and better alignment with women consumers.
  • TSG’s role
    • Identified new insights from review of current advertising and ad research using the GenderTrends Brand FlashBack™.
    • Conducted the GenderTrends Girlfriend Groups™ to capture women’s attitudes toward and language about cooking, kitchens and appliances.
    • Provided creative direction to client’s ad agency based on consumer input and TSG Marketing to Women expertise.
    • Result:
      • More than campaign refinement
      • language and principles for future ad development