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Marti’s First Book: Marketing to Women

How to Understand, Reach, and Increase Your Share of the World’s Largest Market Segment, 2nd Edition

The complete field guide to the highly profitable women’s market. In this lively 2nd edition of Marketing to Women, Marti Barletta tells you exactly how and why corporations are spending more to capture the multitrillion dollar women’s market.

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10 Things Every CEO Needs to Know About Women

1. As employees, women are better prepared to work in the new Information Economy, earning 58% of all college degrees.

2. As managers, women are rated higher than their male counterparts by bosses, subordinates and peers, not only on “soft” skills, like communication and coaching, but also on a broad range of “hard” skills, like setting standards, planning and decisiveness.

3. As investors, women currently control 51.3% of private wealth in the U.S. The number of wealthy women in the U.S. (investable assets of $500K+) grew 68% 1996-1998, while the number of wealthy men grew only 36%. Now in 2010, women comprise fully two-thirds of wealthy Americans.

4. As buyers, women make the purchasing decisions for 81% of all consumer and business dollars spent in the U.S., including 68% of new cars, 66% of computers and 51% of consumer electronics, to name just a few.

Women Really Are Different from Men

5. Women are ensemble players – they value consensus and collaboration, and seek points of commonality with other people. Men are soloists – they stress self-reliance and autonomy, and seek to differentiate themselves from other people.

6. Women are synthesizers, pulling all elements, details and context together to grasp the big picture. Men are analysts: their version of the big picture involves stripping away detail and focusing solely on the essentials of the situation.

7. Women can perceive “the fine points” better than men. They see and recall more elements and nuances in any environment, product, service or communication, and they care and express more about them.

8. Men look for “a good solution” that addresses most of the key criteria, then they move on. Women search comprehensively for “the perfect answer,” a result that is just right in every respect.

9. In evaluating elements of a major decision, women want the same things as men, they just want more. Like more facts, more details, more information, more feedback from others and more time to make their decision.

10. Having gone through a more comprehensive “due diligence” process in reaching a decision, women tend to be more loyal to their choice of product and provider, and generate more referrals through more active word-of-mouth.