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Experiential Marketing is for Boomer Women, Too

Experiential Marketing is for Boomer Women, TooExperiential marketing is usually thought of in context with Millennials, and their desire for authentic, interesting experiences. But Boomer women represent an even bigger opportunity for turning experience into business. Since Boomer women have more time and money on their hands than Millennial women, they are seeking more ways to get involved. But Boomers might not want the same sort of experiences that Millennials do.

How to Create Experiences for Boomer Women

Combine an experience with a cause for a really powerful marketing to Boomer women initiative. Partnering with a nonprofit will burnish your “corporate halo” with all women– women have a propensity to be the “guardians of civilization” and therefore are much more active in supporting causes. Companies especially should try to make their corporate halos shine a little brighter with Boomer women, who are actively looking for ways to make the world a better place and leave a legacy.

An example of a good experiential marketing/cause marketing combo might be a tree planting picnic sponsored by a hybrid car brand. Interested Boomer women could bring a friend or two, plant a tree, enjoy some live music over lunch and leave with a seedling memento of the occasion in her goody bag.

Experiential Marketing is for Boomer Women, Too

One of the most emotionally powerful and successful experiences is the Susan G. Komen 3-Day Race for the Cure. It is the kind of program Boomer women are looking for– an event that requires not just money but also their time and energy AND that involves being with and helping other “girlfriends.” I have heard from many participants that this is one of the most grueling yet fulfilling things they have ever done in their lives. One woman in particular summarizes it like so, “I kept waiting for someone to make a difference… then I realized that I am that someone.” She’s talking like a true Boomer woman.


Win Big with these Marketing to Boomer Women Contest Tips

Promotional contests can really win big in marketing to Boomer women. Here are three insights on incentive programs that resonate with this promising market. Boomer women have “been there, done that” and are jaded on the promise of t-shirts and ball caps. It’s time to break through the promotional clutter and offer incentives uniquely motivating to Boomers.

Change the Prize Structure to Encourage More Boomer Women Word of Mouth

Rather than have one big prize (a new car!) and then a bazillion small prizes (free product samples, keychains, pens), consider spreading the wealth out across the top tier of prizes and offering fewer trivial, lower-level prizes. The goal is to give as many people as you can something “talk-worthy” rather than throwing your money into low-value prizes that aren’t worth mentioning. The costs can be exactly the same, but the prize structure is flatter and more interesting to consumers.

Entice Boomer Women with Experiences, not Clutter

Instead of products or price discounts, offer experiences interesting to Boomer women. They are in the prime of their lives and have time to be adventurous. She doesn’t want another knickknack to sit on the shelf. She wants to live life to the fullest. And if she can share that experience with friends, the reward will be valued even more. Spa services, dance lessons, NASCAR rides, day trips and wine tastings are all shareable experiences that might appeal to your particular Boomer women target. Get creative!

Random Acts of Kindness vs. Organized Incentives

Sometimes, a “surprise and delight” campaign can be more effective at helping you reach your marketing goals than an organized contest or event that’s heavily promoted. For example, the Peapod delivery person once surprised me with a lovely bouquet of red roses. “Wow,” I said, “They’re beautiful. Unfortunately, I didn’t order any roses, so they must be for someone else.” Turns out, because it was Valentine’s Day, Peapod had decided that all customers receiving orders that day would be surprised with flowers. It wasn’t an incentive or a reward that I claimed for ordering more or ordering sooner. It was a sweet surprise, totally unexpected and forever remembered.

Can’t Wait To See These Marketing to Women Speakers

M2W – The Marketing to Women Conference

M2W — The Marketing to Women Conference– is only a few weeks away! Join us April 21 & 22 at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Save 25% by using code Marti25 when you register. And check out the 2015 Sessions and Speakers to make plans to see your favorites. This year, I’m most looking forward to these marketing to women speakers:

Claudia Garber, Director of Consumer Segment Strategies, Harley-Davidson Motor Company

CLAUDIA GARBERI have interviewed Claudia Garber, and she’s a wonderful speaker. She’s done great things marketing to women with Harley-Davidson as she “has led the strategy of inspiring more women to enter the sport of motorcycling.” It will be exciting to see her in her new M2W role as Guest Emcee!

I’m looking forward to hearing and meeting Janet Kestin and Kris Malkowski – these women are true leaders and have demonstrated an extraordinary ability to change the status quo markedly in some very male-dominated environments.

Janet Kestin, Co-founder, Swim

JANET KESTINJanet Kestin is a woman who made it to the C-level on roads not taken. She believes that the future of corporate success lies in companies’ ability to embrace and benefit from the unique skills of women.

Former co-Chief Creative Officer at Ogilvy & Mather, she is part of the famous work for Dove (Campaign for Real Beauty) which was recently named by Advertising Age as the #1 Ad Campaign of the 21st Century.

Swim, she and her partner, Nancy Vonk’s, creative leadership lab, works with companies to grow and support collaborative, fearless leaders of both genders. Swim’s unconventional approach has been called out in Forbes and Fast Company.

Their book Darling, You Can’t Do Both is a smart, relatable guide for all of the women who embraced the spirit of Lean In but were left wondering where to start – how could they, in all industries and at all levels, really begin to change their realities and maybe even their companies, from the ground up?

Kris Malkoski, President, North America and Global New Product Development, World Kitchen, LLC

KRIS MALKOSKIKris Malkoski joined World Kitchen, LLC as president, North America in June 2012. In this role she manages 9 brands representing $650 million in retail sales in the U.S. and Canada, 90 retail stores, the e commerce and industrial business, and global new product development. Kris has a diverse career of executive leadership at Fortune 500, start-up and private equity backed companies. She has a consistent track record of creating and building successful brands, developing international partnerships via new product development and joint ventures and identifying exit strategies through brand repositioning.

Ms. Malkoski joined World Kitchen from Sears Holding Corporation where she was vice president and general manager of the $4.0B Craftsman business. During her 3 years at Sears, she revitalized the product innovation process leading to the launch of 150+ new products and driving Craftsman to record high shares for portable power tools, hand tools, mowers, tractors and snow throwers.

There’s a theme across all three of these speakers: they have driven substantial sales increases for their companies by convincing mostly-male colleagues to open their minds to new ways of connecting with women. So, attend M2W to learn how they did it!

Selling to Affluent Women at M2W 2015

M2W – The Marketing to Women Conference

Selling to Affluent Women at M2W 2015The 11th annual M2W is next month, and I am very excited for another opportunity to share the stage with marketing to women paragons! My presentation this year is Selling to Affluent Women: Face to Face With Today’s Big Spenders. I’ll offer you tips on how to:

  • Identify top women prospects and bring yourself to their attention.
  • Introduce yourself and follow through with relationship-building activities.
  • Discover what this prospect is looking for in a product and persuade her to consider yours.
  • Overcome “decision reluctance” and close the sale.
  • Keep your investment in this customer paying off for you over and over again.

Save 25% by using code Marti25 when you register. Remember, the conference is April 21 & 22 at the Chicago Cultural Center. I can’t wait to see you there!


Lunch with Marketing to Women Experts – For a Good Cause!

On Monday, April 23, join me at the Women Mean Business! Week Global Kickoff Luncheon. The focus is on global marketing to women, and I’m excited for the speakers, Kristine Malkoski, Steve Thomas and Lois Scott.

All proceeds from the Global Kickoff Luncheon will benefit the wonderful charity Habitat for Humanity International. You can’t beat that– great speakers, connecting with other marketing to women professionals, and all for a good cause!

Register at this link. This event is sure to sell out, so I recommend reserving your spot now. View the Global Kickoff Luncheon information sheet here.

For more information on Women Mean Business! Week, download the Women Mean Business! Summary Overview. 

M2W 2010 – Why it was the best conference ever

Last week’s M2W® conference was fascinating, fulfilling and just plain fun. Familiar faces, new friends, “hot off the press” research findings and MTW success stories all made this the best gathering ever!

Spin through Conference President Nan McCann’s “executive summary” for top insights and key quotes.

And check out #M2W on Twitter for the running commentary during the conference.