Boomer Women Laugh Out Loud

Humor Helps Her Handle Life’s Hurdles and Helps Your Brand Connect with Her

Boomer Women Laugh Out LoudBoomer women use humor to get them through some big transitions. They are experiencing emotional and life-stage changes like never before-some are dating again, some are dealing with hot flashes and mood swings, some are saying goodbye to children and hello to a whole new life. As Gail Sheehy says, a sense of humor, an appreciation of the absurd, allows us to hit the bumps of life with a little more bounce. One of the ways Boomer women exercise their growing inclination to free themselves from social conventions is by giving themselves permission to laugh more often, and yes, more loudly. Their humor is more personal, more honest, and a lot more ribald. Sit next to a group of them next time you are at lunch or dinner in a restaurant, and you’ll understand what I mean.

By its very nature, humor that’s based on “that’s me” moments is self-deprecating. And as with any self-deprecating humor, it only works if it’s coming from “one of us.” When a joke about hot flashes or gray hair comes from men or a faceless marketing company, you may get a polite smile, but you’ll know from raised eyebrows that you should have kept that observation to yourself.

Tickle Her Funny Bone with Your Marketing Approach

Marketing professionals take note: not surprisingly, Boomer women love funny ads, funny brochures, funny labels, funny package inserts, funny hang-tags on the clothes they buy. Are you looking for a way to add some zest to your brand personality? To make sure your consumer never makes a buying decision in your category without at least looking at what your brand has to say? To give your prospect a little premium item that you know for sure she will keep in front of her on her desk or refrigerator? To give you buyer a little more “surprise and delight” moment that the wants to tell her friends about? Sure you are! Try humor.

But here’s the thing: it really needs to be the right humor. I’m not saying that it’s that hard-I see dozens of things that make me burst out laughing every day. But I am saying it’s very different from male humor. For Boomer women-targeted humor in marketing, don’t let the young guys write it, or even the older guys, and don’t let the young ladies approve it. Young women’s humor is much closer to male humor. Things change when you’ve been in the world awhile; sometimes things that crack up the young folk can seem a little mean-spirited or juvenile with fifty years’ perspective.

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